February - March 2008

Photos by P.A.Chaplin, The New Years Day floods around Nimbin. Lillian Rock (top) Sinclair bridge crossing Goolmangar Creek (above left) and Deris and Ducks near the Bush Theatre.

Looking south towards Nimbin from the Bush Theatre driveway (above left) and the Sinclair Bridge again looking up stream. And (below) from the first bridge on croftons road a couple of K's north of Nimbin.

The Loving Art of Self-Reliance, Sophia Hoeben

As I stroll through the garden, I see the magic of all things growing and the beauty of such colour and form fills my heart with gladness. I delight in the harmony and abundance achieved by companion planting and the effectiveness of well-aligned swales as they catch every drop of precious water falling from the sky. I know this afternoon, I will harvest some vegetables and herbs for dinner, and for breakfast, I’ll pick some big fat strawberries and maybe one of those delicious red paw paws.


Two Donkeys (Jitterbug and Renee)

by Micheal Smith



Nola and her donkeys on the Koonorigan Range, just up from the Channon NSW

I saw her walk past my gate, grabbed my camera, and accompanied her for the next three hours. We went beyond the end of Cox Road and followed the spine of The Koonorigan Range, heading for Rose Road. The views were just glorious; Nimbin Rocks and Bishops Creek to the left, and the Tuntable Valley on the right, all seen from 350 metres above sea level, and rising.
Nola also wore a pack, so that she could feel the same effort as the donkeys. It looked like a lot of gear, so I asked her if there were any luxuries stowed away. She only admitted to having a buckwheat pillow and a thermos. A vegetarian, she had food for the whole 11 days and some treats for the donkeys (salt and sultanas). I joined the train at the rear, a sort of caboose, threading my way through the shoulder-high blady grass and wrestling with cranky farm gates. I quickly went to the front after discovering that donkeys defecate, micturate and flatulate on the move. Nola would be spending Christmas night in a tent somewhere on the track. Would Santa be able to find her? I didn’t need to, but for the record, I asked her why she was doing it. Everyone she met would, no doubt, ask her this question. I got a number of answers; “to find her strengths and limitations”, “to be a stronger and better person”, and “to get away from work and have some fun”.

Banner Making Day

Nimbin Environment Centre says thanx to the young people who attended a Youth anti nuclear banner making day at the Nimbin markets recently.
Kids of all ages turned up to show their concerns for their future.
They said “Nuclear no way. Not in our life time”. “Go Solar not nuclear”. Two Banners were made on the day.
These banners will be used at our “no nuclear waste dumps”  talk and film night being held at Birth and Beyond, 7pm 8th Feb.
All welcome bring a plate to share.
Local musicians to play on the night. Gold coin donation.
More banner making days will be held for youth in the future please contact N E C on 6689 1441 for dates.