February - March 2004
Fish and Chips Fuel Anyone?

Graeme and Olivier

‘I’ll have fish’n’chips with scallops and 200 litres of used vegetable oil – thanks!’
Don’t laugh – Graeme Quirk and Olivia Bradley from our village up the road, Mullumbimby, plan to drive round Australia making this request as a routine.
They will convert the oil into biodiesel in a homemade processor towed by their van.
Their aim is to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of carbon neutral fuel. They got the idea from a jazz performer called Vince Jones who did a similar thing for six years.
Graeme and Olivia will be making a documentary on the project called Get Cracking – a Homegrown Adventure’ as they are both from media backgrounds.
Dick Smith is already providing some sponsorship but they need more for their trip.
Incidentally, the inventor of the diesel engine (Dr Rudolph Diesel) demonstrated it at the Paris World Exhibition in 1900 using peanut oil!
An NRMA advisor says that in order not to void your vehicle warranty an Australian Biodiesel Standard has been agreed on and will be published shortly.
There is a significant movement in Australia concerning biodiesel and a city in California has announced that all its vehicles will be running on this fuel in due course.
Our own Newcastle City Council is also running its fleet of 228 vehicles likewise and it has been awarded $95,000 from the NSW Dept of Environment & Conservation to conduct further trials. In addition, there is new multi-million dollar plant at Rutherford making the fuel.
If you want to support Graeme and Olivia in their efforts, ring them on

02 6684 1420 or email: getcracking@ozonline.com.au>


Air Waving, Not Drowning

by Justice O'Toole


Its looking set to be an excellent year for 2NIM-FM in 2004.We seem to have a grip on “just keeping afloat” and have now shifted our focus to getting ahead

The New Year started with gifts for 2NIM-FM. Hooray!!
We scored a bit of grant money for a new mixing desk for the studio, some new-fandangled mp3 computer schtuff and a surveillance camera for the studio. These will be arriving over the next month or so.
Nimbin community’s residents and businesses support 2NIM-FM to the tune of more than $20,000 every year, which is what it takes just to cover running costs and stay on the air. What a phenomenal effort Nimbin!!!
We are aware that many people still can’t catch the 2NIM-FM airwave and we intend on doing something about it. There is a grant in the pipeline for the transmitter to be relocated to a higher location. This may be just twelve months away and is top on the priority list.
Check out our current program coming out soon, though it seems to change as soon as we print it……such is the nature of NIM!
Keep tuned!


New Manager for Nimbin Community Technology Centre

Nimbin Community Technology Centre has appointed a new manager, David Julian (pictured).
David has extensive experience with both community organsisations and with information technology.
He was previously Events and Grants coordinator for The Big Scrub Environment Centre in Lismore. He managed a number of projects including 2002 and 2003 ‘Sustainable Industry Expo’ and the ‘Forest Voices’ radio series. David has also worked as a web designer/programmer, desktop publisher and musician.
“I am excited by this challenging role in a unique community. I have lots of ideas for projects and I am sure, with the help of our skilled team of volunteers and committee 2004 will be a big year for our centre,” said David.
The CTC offers a range of services from network games to business IT solutions. We have reasonably priced internet access, fax, photocopying and printing (inkjet and laser) as well as desktop and internet publishing and design services. We can provide training and courses and offer hardware and software trouble shooting.
A major project of the CTC is a Youth Multimedia Club. We are planning a digital art competition and exhibition as well as classes in web design, desktop publishing, image editing and video production. We are also setting aside time each Wednesday for work on school projects.
The CTC depends on community participation and volunteers to help run the centre. We offer on the job training for all volunteers, so you can learn new skills and help an important community organization at the same time. Please contact the CTC to find out more about what’s involved. We welcome feedback about the CTC, so let us know what you think!
We are located in the Community Centre at 81 Cullen St, phone 6689 1183.


Solar Power in Papua New Guinea

By Peter Pedals

0f the Rainbow Power Company Nimbin

Installation of panels


School children enjoying solar powered TV

Lihir Gold Limited, which operates the major gold mine on Lihir island, has commissioned a trial project to bring solar-powered electricity to the homes of villagers on Mali Island, in the Lihir Group of Islands.
The company has already established a first in Papua New Guinea with the 6MW geo-thermal power plant for its mining operations. The 164,000 kina ($70,500 Aus) solar project, which is part of Lihir Gold’s community development program, initially saw six houses being installed with solar power systems.
Manufactured by Rainbow Power Company (Australia), the solar power systems are being installed by local contractors, Lihir Contracting Services and Lihir Electrical. Each kit consists of eight solar panels, 12 batteries designed specifically for solar power use, six fluorescent lights, a 240-volt inverter and, as a special bonus, a 220-litre fridge.
Each of the six houses will have eight solar panels mounted on the roof, facing the sun. The solar systems will provide sufficient electricity to power household items such as fridge, television, stereo, fan and lighting, and can handle up to five days of overcast weather before battery power is reduced.
“Lihir Gold is certainly leading the way when it comes to introducing clean energy that can be sustained for the benefit of future generations,” said Lihir Gold managing director Neil Swan.
And Rainbow Power Company is pleased to have been given the initial contract to introduce solar electricity to Lihir and is looking forward to an ongoing contract to supply solar power to every home in the village.