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Nimbin news quarterly is a free Nimbin magazine that will keep you in touch with what's happening around Nimbin, presenting some radical views, insight into the Nimbin alternative lifestyle, information on sustainable living, healthy and wholesome diet, environmental information, stories, poetry, humour, and interesting articles.

Nimbin News started out as a weekly newsletter in 1978 that was originally printed with a hand operated Gestetner machine. It continued to be printed on a weekly basis through the early '80s whilst improving the quality by being offset printed with the Nimbin New's acquired printing press. When Peter Pedals, the founder of Nimbin News ceased his involvement it became a bimonthly publication.

Various people kept the enterprise going and for the last 25 years. Many variations have been tried, including a Local Nimbin News, a Rainbow News, and since 2004 it evolved into The Nimbin Magazine.

In August 2000, after a supposed volunteer, who had great plans to get as many alternative papers under his personal, financial control, the group took the new & unprecedented step of becoming a registered entity, incorporated under the banner of Mousetrap Media Inc. This ensures that no individual or rival group can take over ownership without it being ratified by a properly convened meeting of all members.

Volunteers came and went and it looked like we couldn't continue for lack of volunteer energy until in September 2008 Peter Pedals once more got involved, on the condition that the publication's name be changed to Nimbin News Quarterly (NNQ), produced at his home, and that it be published every 3 months. It is supported in the office with all other tasks apart from the layout and accessing of material.

Mousetrap Media Inc. is a co-operative of volunteers headquartered in the Nimbin Community Centre. In contrast to most ,other publications it attempts a non-hierarchical system. Articles are presented to all workers who rate them on a '1,2,3' system (I =yes, 2=maybe, 3=no) to ensure the magazine remains democratic. New volunteers are always welcome.

Mousetrap Media also produces the Nimbin & Environs, a two yearly effort telling of what Nimbin is about and currently in production (2008). We also produce Beyond the Rainbow, a literary journal with submissions of poetry and stories from all over, not just Nimbin. In 2009 we hope to be able to help with self published material as well.

NNQ is distributed throughout the Rainbow region of Northern NSW. Surprisingly for a local paper it has circulation in the capital cities and interstate, as well as a smattering of overseas customers. It also has a strong subscription base. Many of our local customers send their copies on to relatives out of town, as a simple way to keep them informed of the local Nimbin scene.
NNQ is a community access press. So in addition to its regular columns and features, we are interested in articles from YOU the public. We pride ourselves in the opportunities we give to up-&coming writers, poets and artists to have their work published. We also provide advertising space to businesses and people catering to the unique alternative culture.

Phone us on (02) 6689 1184
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